Foreclosure Appraisals

Homes in foreclosure and homes that have reverted to your institution's ownership present special appraisal challenges. At Scudero Appraisals, INC, we're more than ready and able to help.

Owners, banks or mortgage lenders want to know the difference between fair market value and "quick disposition" value, to determine the potential equity position or charge-off liability. Determining fair market value in a changing market is important to reducing standing inventory of REO (Real Estate Owned) real estate. A current up to date appraisal is extremely necessary in this challenging market.

REO residential real estate foreclosure property presents special challenges. The owner or the tenant may be unwilling to allow an inspection of the property. If the property has been abandoned already, there may have been neglected care of the property for some time or worse, damages that have occurred. As a foreclosure REO real estate specialist the experience and training to deal with the special dynamics of a due diligence inspection and qualitative risk assessment real estate in foreclosure is imperative.

You may want to know and compare three values: As-is, as repaired, and "quick sale" with the required completion items necessary to make the pal estate REO's service must be done by an experienced licensed or certified home real estate appraiser familiar withroperty marketable at full market value and commensurate with competing properties in the area. This type of re bank REO foreclosure real estate.